Turkish Cafe and Lounge

Enjoy a slice of Istanbul right here in Dallas-Fort Worth! Turkish Cafe and Lounge is an authentic Turkish restaurant with cozy and covered outdoor seating, decorated with beautiful stained glass lamps. You can enjoy a meal with your friends and family, carefully crafted cocktails, or partake in a hookah session!

We skipped the hookah, but enjoyed a wonderful Turkish meal here. We started out with dolma for appetizers, which are marinated grape leaves stuffed with rice, onions and raisins and and spice. These dolma were not mushy at all; they were solid and had a great texture.

For our entree, we chose the beef kebab, a packed plate featuring hummus, beef, french fries, rice, tomatoes, and cucumbers. You are served soft and warm Turkish bread throughout your meal, which pairs perfectly with the flavorful hummus and tender beef.

For drinks, we tried a traditional Turkish coffee. What makes Turkish coffee unique is that it consists of finely ground coffee beans without filtering. Turkish coffee is condensed, much like espresso, with a solid bittersweet taste. Make sure to ask for sugar if you prefer sweet coffee!

We also tried a Turkish coffee cocktail, which is an extremely boozy version of a traditional Turkish coffee. It’s not for the faint of heart so make sure to pace yourself as you enjoy the cocktail!

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Turkish Cafe and Lounge

8412 Preston Rd #450, Plano, TX 75024

(469) 362-7181