Hawaiian Nail Spa

Looking for the perfect place to relax and treat yourself? Then a spa day may be in your future. You can enjoy a perfect manicure or deluxe pedicure and more at Hawaiian Nail Spa in Mansfield.

Nestled in the suburbs this spot is the perfect mix of quality and affordability. With a variety of options such as a basic manicure or the GOLDEN MYSTIQUE Spa Pedicure, they truly offer something for everyone. My favorite part of the experience? Was that the technicians truly pampered me and didn’t try to upswell me on any of the treatments I came in to get.

While I didn’t make an appointment, I was able to get treated right away. They greeted me with such friendly service and had me choose my colors from their large selection of polishes. Since I was coming for both a manicure and pedicure they had me seated in a luxurious massage chair complete with my own remote. While I soaked my feet they offered me beverages from their full service bar and gave me a few minutes to relax in bliss.

This experience was truly efficient and 5 stars as I had two technicians work on my feet and hands at the same time. I loved that I was able to receive quality treatments while not having to spend a long time at the salon. They didn’t make me feel rushed during my service and truly gave me the royal treatment. Everything about the experience was something to rave over and I know I will be heading back soon!

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Hawaiian Nail Spa

3806 E Broad St #132, Mansfield, TX 76063

(817) 453-7915