Bếp Nhà Vietnamese Kitchen

Are you an adventurous eater looking to try out a brand new restaurant in the Garland area of DFW? Bếp Nhà Vietnamese Kitchen has been open since 2022 in Dallas, serving up unique eats and even whipping up creative coffees!

The decor is a marriage between classy and tranquil. There’s a ceiling-high tree trunk adjacent to the counter and there’s plenty of foliage all throughout the restaurant. There are plants on the floor, hanging from the ceiling, and proudly displayed on the walls.

I ordered the yellow noodle soup and received my plate exactly four minutes later, which was perfect because I was ready to eat! The yellow noodle soup dish consists of boiled pork, shrimp, boiled eggs, nuts, and veggies. They don’t skimp out on the protein either. My bowl came with plenty of pork and shrimp! This dish alone is extremely filling.

I also tried their standard Vietnamese coffee, as well as a specialty Vietnamese coffee made with durian! Other unique drink options include an egg coffee with creme brulee, coconut cream coffee, and lychee rose tea.

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Bếp Nhà Vietnamese Kitchen

9780 Walnut St Ste 120 Dallas, TX 75243

(972) 644-6995