Midgard Tattoo Company

Getting a piercing or tattoo is a private and intimate experience. Dallas-Fort Worth is home to hundreds of licensed tattoo and piercing shops, but not all of them provide safe and comfortable environments.

Midgard Tattoo Company, located in Farmer’s Branch, was created by Saga Wilkko and Aadam Morgan, owners of the award-winning Valkyrie Tattoo Gallery in Dallas.

Aadam is one of the few areola micropigmentation tattoo artists in DFW. Reconstructive tattooing offers clients a non-surgical alternative to traditional areola and nipple restoration. Aadam’s own mother is a breast cancer survivor who was not eligible for a mastectomy, which inspired him to provide anatomical tattooing services.

Midgard Tattoo Company is proud to work on clients of all skin tones and is accepting of all LGBTQ+ community members. Midgard currently has a few non-binary tattoo artists in their studio!

My artist, Latesha, has a diverse range of styles she likes to tattoo, including but not limited to: glitter and gemstones, horror, neo-traditional, ornamental, Japanese neo-traditional, and much more. She has plenty of pre-drawn flash designs and is currently taking on custom design work as well.

Don’t forget that Midgard Tattoo Company also has professional piercers available! If you’re looking for a safe and comfortable environment to get your dream piercing or tattoo, Midgard will take great care of you.

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Midgard Tattoo Company

13720 Midway Rd Suite 102 Dallas, TX 75244

(214) 613-6780