Fruteria Disfruta Tu Loko

Fruteria Disfruta Tu Loko is a specialty fruteria and munchies bar in Irving. Whether you’re craving ice cream, Hispanic treats, or savory snacks like nachos, you’ll be sure to satisfy your munchie craving!

This snack bar has a unique menu consisting of sweet, spicy, and savory items. If you’re looking to beat the heat, cool down with some ice cream! Menu flavors include watermelon, coffee, rum raisin, snack cake, mango with chili, or butter pecan! If you’re in the mood for more traditional ice cream flavors, don’t worry – chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are available!

Disfurta Tu Loko also has Aguas Frescas! These refreshing fruit drinks come in a variety of flavors like horchata, tamarind, melon, lime and cucumber, or pineapple.

Fans of corn and elotes can expect some surprising twists. You can now order elote with crushed up Takis powder or Hot Cheetos powder! Other popular items include Manzana Loca, which translates to “crazy apple”, is a plate of apples covered in tamarind candy. Tamarind is a sweet and sour candy made with sugar and chili powder.

I ordered the medium size fresas con crema, or strawberries with cream. This snack was loaded and decked out in a 16 ounce cup. My cup was filled to the brim with sweet cream, strawberries, granola, and whipped cream!

I also enjoyed a chocolate covered banana with walnuts. I can’t wait to try the banana split next time, or even the churro split!

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Fruteria Disfruta Tu Loko

3524 W Airport Fwy #102 Irving, TX 75062

(972) 607-4204