Crooked Crust

One of Denton’s best rated pizza joints is popular for a reason! It’s affordable, consistently delicious, and they’re open late. Fry Street’s Crooked Crust is a well-respected establishment by college kids and Dentonites all around.

One of the highlights of Crooked Crust is that you don’t have to order a whole pie. You can order by the quarter slice, which is really two slices. For just $8, you can get two slices of a fully-customized pizza, and a drink!

What makes Crooked Crust unique is that all toppings are unlimited. There are no surcharges for toppings. Crooked Crust does have signature pizzas on their menus, but you can modify them to add, subtract, or replace whatever toppings you desire.

We ordered a chicken, bacon, and ranch pizza. The bacon was perfectly crispy, the chicken was nicely seasoned, and the ranch-to-pizza ratio was on point! We also enjoyed a traditional margherita pizza. You can’t go wrong with a classic flavor.

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Crooked Crust

101 Ave A Denton, TX 76201

(940) 565-5999