Pecan Lodge

There’s nothing better than Texas BBQ, especially when it’s from a highly rated restaurant that consistently makes the best of BBQ reviews year after year. I’m talking about the delicious food that can be found at Pecan Lodge. Located in Deep Ellum this eatery offers a variety of smoked meats, local beers, sides and desserts that are great to enjoy for any foodie.

We decided to give this restaurant a try after hearing such great reviews from both friends and online. We arrived just after 11am on a Friday afternoon and weren’t surprised to see there was already a line. Greeted by the delicious smells coming from the smokers we couldn’t wait to place our order and dive into our lunch. While we waited in line we took some time to look over their menu and decide between lunch plates, sandwiches and a variety of tasty sides.

We weren’t drinking on this visit, but they do offer a full scale bar that you can grab a drink at to wait in line. The line to order moved quickly and soon we were on our way to bbq heaven. For our lunch we went with the two meat platter served with one side and the brisket sandwich. Everyone wanted to try their creamy Mac n cheese that is topped with crispy bacon bits. For our meat platter we chose the cheddar jalapeño sausage and sliced brisket. The meat was smoked perfectly and had a good amount of bite. I loved that the brisket wasn’t overly fatty and tasted great with their homemade bbq sauce.

Everything we tried was absolutely amazing and lived up to the hype of the reviews. I would definitely come back as it was worth the wait! If you are looking to come in a large group or not wait in line they do offer a short cut option if you are ordering for larger quantities. So bring all your friends or just yourself, you won’t regret your choice to dine at this incredible restaurant!

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Pecan Lodge

2702 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226

(214) 748-8900