Are you looking for Japanese media, such as books, mange, and anime in Dallas-Fort Worth? Look no further than Kinokuniya in Carrollton’s Koreatown!

This Japanese retailer was founded in Tokyo in 1927. There are 71 locations in Japan and only 12 locations in the US.

You can find your favorite anime and manga series at Kinokuniya! The latest anime and mange releases are available in both Japanese and English. Kinokuniya also carries merchandise from your favorite series. Surprise your loved ones with a tote bag, collectible figure, apparel, art book, and more from countless series offered!

If you’re interested in stationary, Kinokuniya offers authentic Japanese stationary, pencils, and pens. The writing tools and art supplies offered are unique and unlike anything I’ve seen in other specialty Asian stores.

Kinokuniya prides itself on being a meeting place for the local community and often hosts multicultural events in the area with local authors and artists.

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2540 Old Denton Rd #114 Carrollton, TX 75006