Dallas-Fort Worth is sprawling with shopping centers and department stores. You can enjoy some retail therapy all across the DFW metroplex, but few department stores are as unique as TESO Life.

TESO Life is a Japanese casual lifestyle department store that specializes in high quality, low-cost products. They are located in the Carrollton Town Center in Dallas’ Koreatown area and they carry beauty supplies, home goods, cosmetics, toys, and snacks and grocery items.

When you enter the 14,000 square foot department store, you’re immediately greeted by authentic Japanese claw machines with a variety of prizes, such as plushies and stuffed animals, action figures, and keychains.

The rest of the store is full of cosmetic items like face masks, makeup, shampoos, and other beauty items. The home goods section consists of plates, glasses, eating utensils, storage items, and so much more.

The snack and food sections are stocked with hard-to-find groceries directly important from Japan. For example, they have exotic Lays chips flavors like Italian sausage and tomato, spicy crawfish, and others. You can also find Hello Kitty shaped pasta, a variety of curry and rice, and a plethora of drinks including smoothies, teas, and coffees.

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2540 Old Denton Rd

Carrollton, TX 75006

(469) 289-6852