Argentina Bakery

Dallas-Fort Worth is home to hundreds of coffee shops across the metroplex, but each cafe has something unique to offer. Located in Irving, only 15 minutes from DFW airport, is a local family-owned fine pastry and coffee shop called Argentina Bakery.

Whether you’re in the mood for coffee or tea, Argentina Bakery has you covered. They have all your favorite espresso, latte, frappe, and iced coffees available. I opted for the Mayan Mocha latte, which had espresso, cocoa powder, cinnamon, grated nutmeg, and other spices. It’s the perfect autumn drink!

For lunch, I enjoyed two authentic Argentinian empanadas: one consisted of spinach, egg, and cheese. The other empanada had beef and egg. This was my first time trying either combination in empanada form and they were both savory, juicy, and flavorful!

It was really difficult to choose a pastry. There were so many options, from cake slices to cupcakes to puff pastries and even cake balls, there’s something for everyone! I finally settled on a tres leches strawberry cake. I’ve enjoyed many tres leches cakes in the past, but this was my first time trying it with strawberry. The strawberry provided an additional depth of flavor that I wasn’t sure was possible. It was amazing!

Argentina Bakery is open seven days a week until 9 PM, so if you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, are craving a hand-crafted sandwich, or are wanting to end the night with a fresh coffee with flavors from Latin America, look no further than Argentina Bakery.

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Argentina Bakery

3401 W Airport Fwy #112

Irving, TX 75062

(972) 252-4809