The Book Shoppe and Coffee

Quietly tucked away on the corner of Parkwood and Lebanon in Frisco, The Bookshoppe and Coffee offers a unique coffee experience for the Frisco community. Although many new coffee shops have popped up in the DFW area over the past couple of years, The Bookshoppe and Coffee is certainly a hidden gem.

The drink menu features a selection of typical drinks – teas and coffees, as well as a variety of syrups. The Bookshoppe also features a variety of seasonal drinks, including their version of a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and a S’mores latte. I had the S’mores Latte iced, and you could really taste the marshmallow blending with the mocha, so definitely worth a try for all of the mocha afficionados.

The Bookshoppe does also feature a selection of pastries and sandwiches if you are in the mood for a quick snack. The environment itself is cozy with plenty of seating options available. Be sure to check it out if you’re in Frisco!

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The Book Shoppe and Coffee

5330 Parkwood Blvd Suite 100

Frisco, TX 75034

(469) 535-8500