Global Food Market (Middle Eastern Grocery)

You don’t need to travel to the Middle East to enjoy the flavorful foods found there. Simply head to Arlington where you can shop and enjoy your favorite foods at Global Food Market. From baklava to fresh pita they have everything you need to cook or enjoy your Mediterranean favorites in North Texas.

I decided to give this spot a try after hearing such great reviews from my neighbors. They raved at their selection of spices, premade items, and halal meat options. I knew I had to try it out for myself! I loved that this location was tucked into the shopping mall of one of my favorite restaurants and offered plenty of parking.

Inside the store had a great natural layout and was exceptionally clean. They offered a large selection of fresh fruits and vegetables with amazing prices I wasn’t able to find at my traditional grocery store. They also included unique items I wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. My favorite part of this shopping experience was their deli style bar which offered fresh olives, meats, cheeses and premade dips, salads, entree, and bakery items that were ready to be enjoyed

During my visit I ended up buying a selection of fresh, frozen, canned, and premade items to make the ultimate Mediterranean feast. My family and I enjoyed all of the items I had picked up and it is sure to be our new favorite one-stop shop for all of our speciality grocery needs.

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Global Food Market (Middle Eastern Grocery)

800 E Sublett Rd, Arlington, TX 76018

(682) 276-6216