Safari Mediterranean Market

Enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean with a visit to Safari Mediterranean Market. This unique gourmet grocery store offers everything you need to make the perfect Mediterranean dishes. From fresh halal meat to traditional cooking utensils of all kinds, it is your one stop shop for all your cooking needs.

We decided to check them out when we were looking for specific items we weren’t able to find in our traditional grocery stores. Upon arrival you will be greeted by the heavenly smell of spices, fresh vegetables and even baked goods. I loved that this store even had a fresh bar where you can grab anything from olives to pickled salads by the pound. We took our time exploring the store and we’re able to grab several items that were on our list. From unique canned items such as grape leaves to pre packaged spices and mixes this store was perfect for our international food needs.

While most of the items had traditional English translations to the items that had been imported we loved how helpful the associates were in translating some of the items and helping us find things we couldn’t find on our own. The best part of the experience? It was definitely the affordable prices and the variety of items that were offered. So next time you are looking to prepare your favorite international dish, I highly recommend giving this grocery store a try.

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Safari Mediterranean Market

7221 Matlock Rd #143, Arlington, TX 76002

(682) 248-3281