Found It Electronics & Video Games

Are you a video game fanatic or collector? Then a visit to this iconic store in Watauga is a must. Found It Electronics & Video Games has been serving the DFW area since 2011 and has over 400 sq feet of iconic video games, systems, cards and collectibles.

I decided to take a trip to this store when looking for the perfect holiday gift for a friend of mine. The inner nerd in me was impressed by this massive space that is covered from head to toe in a variety of new and old games. With being such a specialty store, I thought the prices would be insane, but they offered affordable options and lots of specials that are perfect for this gifting season.

In addition to the variety of merchandise they sell, they also buy! So if you are looking to declutter or earn cash for the games you no longer reach for, this store is a great option to trade in items for something new. Want to know what they are currently looking for before you head to the store? Check out their website for a whole list of items or give them a call. So grab your gamer friends or lovers of collectibles because this store is sure to impress everyone on your list!

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Found It Electronics & Video Games

6101 Watauga Rd Ste G, Watauga, TX 76148

(817) 401-4596