Fort Worth Zoo

Looking for the perfect activity that’s great for the whole family? Then a day out to the highly rated Fort Worth Zoo is a must. As the weather starts to get cooler this destination is perfect for spending the day outside.

We decided to take a trip there and couldn’t be happier with how our day went. I highly recommend visiting during the week if you can as it allowed for plenty of room for parking and wasn’t as crowded as a weekend may be. The check is process was smooth as tickets can be purchased online or at the gate. After our tickets were scanned we were ready to head in for a day of fun.

Since the zoo is spread out by exhibit we downloaded their map from the QR code sign so that we can plan out our day. We loved that we were able to see all of the available exhibits within a four high time frame. If you are looking to spend even more time there they also offer several spots to grab a bite to eat, a child’s petting area, and other activities that can be purchased to enhance your experience. While we didn’t have enough time we loved watching others feed the giraffes or head into the stingray exhibit. Even without enhanced add-ons our visit was incredible and we were able to see a lot of the animals.

While getting to see the animals the zoo also provided lots of educational information about each animal and activities to learn more about the animals you are seeing. The entire zoo was extremely clean and filled with helpful associates ready to answer any question. I also enjoyed the indoor and outdoor exhibits that allowed you to get your steps in or step inside to grab some cooler air. All in all we had a great visit and will be a place I know we will be going back to!

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Fort Worth Zoo

1989 Colonial Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76110

(817) 759-7555