Ida Claire, this is great food!

Southern food, taste and hospitality surrounded in an eclectic fun atmosphere. This is what you will expect when you arrive in Ida Claire in Addison, Texas.

The food is all made in house, from scratch and you will beable to taste the freshness. The cuisine offered in Ida Clarie is southern comfort, delivered in a fine restaurant style. They serve Breakfast, Lunch, dinner and Brunch. They add their own signature flair with bacon laced waffles. The menu is filled with great surprises.


Try the Frisee and Duck Egg Salad. The Bacon, sunny side up duck egg, brussels sprouts, dried cranberries, asiago, and apple cider vinaigrette are perfect together.

The Avocado Toast is a breakfast, brunch favorite. This dish has herb aioli, avocado spread, feta cheese, pumpkin seeds, Tabasco hollandaise, and a sunny side up egg.

Chicken and Waffles, everyone’s favorite!

Their Monte Cristo is one of the best I have tried in years.  Southern Tasting Board, Nduja, bresaola, low country ham, pimento cheese, smoked mustard, jam, pickled okra, grilled pita

Don’t leave without trying their cocktails. We loved the Oh-Bee Have, the Strawberry Rhubarb mule and the frozen Ida’s Frose.

Ida Claire is a fun place to dine and visit with friends and family. Their side courtyard is decorated in a bohemian, shabby chic style. Feel free to relax and have a good time. Check out their adorable trailer, it is actually a cozy table and I loved it. Ida Claire offers outdoor movies to add to their entertainment and atmosphere.

Ida Claire combines the taste of the south, including the spice of Texas. The feeling and palate of a real homemade meal is certainly done well. However, they were able to combine the class and flair of an upscale Dallas eatery.
Ida Claire

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